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If your car ac is not blowing cold, then refill the chill with Mister Freeze Car AC Recharge Kit. It is an easy DIY method that will you save time and money.

Simple, easy, fast a/c recharge

Mister Freeze uses patented Accufill® technology that measures the output vent temperature instead of hard to understand a/c system pressures. Simply pull the trigger and watch the  temperature drop on the digital display. Your AC will be blowing cold in minutes. Saving time and money…who doesn’t like that?!

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Mister Freeze A/C

Conventional Method

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Mister Freeze Temperature ReaderMister Freeze Temperature Reader
Mister Freeze Temperature ReaderMister Freeze Temperature Reader
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Mister Freeze A/C Recharge kit comes with everything you need to get your car’s A/C cold again.

  • 14oz Premium R-134a Refrigerant with Lubricant & Leak Sealer
  • Wireless Digital Monitor
  • Wireless Vent Sensor
  • Easy Quick Coupler
  • Smart-Grip AccuFill® Trigger
  • Get Cold Air In Minutes
  • Patented AccuFill Technology
  • Fast & Easy To Use
  • No Extra Tools Required

If you aren’t completely satisfied with Mister Freeze, simply email us at to receive your return authorization so that we may track your order. Once we receive your return, we will refund the purchase price of the product.

Customer Reviews

Marisel Z.
I'm freezing in my car now
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This thing did exactly as it says, and worked perfectly as intended. Batteries were not dead. Was so easy for me, a mom that does not do car repair, to do. I’m so cold in my car now!
Works great, simple to use
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The AC in my 2008 Prius was no longer putting out cold air. Given the price of this refill vs a mechanic visit I figured it was worth a shot. The entire refill process took less than 15 minutes and now cold air flows from the vents within a couple of minutes of turning the car on - it’s even colder than it was when I got the car 10 years ago...
Simple and works
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I was worried from reading the reviews under this product that it wasn’t going to work or be shipped defective, but it was simple and my a/c works fine now. It recently became illegal to sell in some states so I’m happy it was able to ship to me. I tried taking my 4runner to jiffy lube, but they didn’t even try to figure out the problem. I’m a 19 yr old girl- and i was able to figure out how to use this with ease.
Ryan D.
Worked Great!
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I used this to recharge the AC in my 2000 Jeep Cherokee. Washington State no longer allows the sale of R134a to anyone without a license to fill AC...I was able to order this though! My Jeep has kept a charge and has blown cold air all summer! Summer easy! I would recommend and I'd use it again (hopefully in a different vehicle).
Kyle S.
Just what I/my car needed with the current heatwave!!!
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This recharge kit was just what I needed. It was easy to use with the included instructions and worked wonders on my 2009 Jeep Wrangler...
Adam F.
Easy to use and worked instantly
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I am not a car guy but figured I could do this one on my own. It is a little bit daunting to get under the hood while the car running, but is easy if you follow instructions. I highly recommend...
As advertised
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Freon must be shipped by ground freight so it won't arrive overnight like other products. After I received the kit I contacted the seller with a question and got a quick satisfactory reply. Following the instructions everything went as expected, in 15 minutes my AC was cooling properly again. A day later I ordered another kit to use on my son's car. I will purchase again as needed.
Marty K.
The only one you need
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I bought this for my 16 year old minivan. I had bought a different brand last fall and had to find one that works. This Mr Freeze Did the job!! This will work and with the temperature gauge that you put in the dash air vents is amazing. Very easy to use and got the job done quickly and it worked so well that we have to turn my ac down because it’s to cold.

Quick & easy installation guide

For complete instructions on how to use the Mister Freeze Revitalizing Kit, click here.

Quick & Easy A/C Recharge




Attach & Power On


Pull Trigger and watch the temp drop