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Don’t wait to get your car A/C system ready for the hot weather.
Mister Freeze Temperature Check
Car A/C not as cold as it used to be?
Easily bring cold air back to your vehicle in minutes with Mister Freeze A/C!
Mister Freeze temperature check
Easy to use digital gauge
Mister Freeze A/C is the only product with a digital, easy to read gauge and temperature sensor. Get cold air back to your car A/C fast!
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Refill Your Car A/C

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Mister Freeze Kit

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Mister Freeze Temperature ReaderMister Freeze Temperature Reader
Mister Freeze Temperature ReaderMister Freeze Temperature Reader
Temperature Reader For AutomobilesTemperature Reader For Automobiles
Low Pressure Service PortLow Pressure Service Port

Mister Freeze A/C


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Customer Reviews

Chris C.
Chris C.
My AC is cold again
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What an easy and simple way to get my car AC blowing cold air again. I used this for my 2014 Fusion and it only took about 8-10 minutes. Great product.
Matthew B.
Matthew B.
Great way to recharge my AC
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Worked great on my 2013 ford escape. Took about 10 minutes and was super easy to install.
FANTASTIC! Now my A/C blows cold
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This awesome product saved me. My car was blowing hot air. I followed the instructions, and setup the temperature...

Easy and simple steps to refill your car a/c

1. Get Prepared
2. Attach and Power on System
How does Mister Freeze work?
3. Prep Car & Attach Sensor
4. Fill System

How does Mister Freeze A/C work?

Mr. Freeze A/C uses AccuFill Technology to measure the temperature coming from your car vents while you are filling. The digital vent temperature display allows you to quickly and easily determine and reach the optimal target vent temperatures to get your A/C blowing cold again. In addition, Mister Freeze A/C contains lubricant and leak sealer to help lubricate and seal your system ensuring that your A/C stays at peak performance.