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The A/C Recharge Kit

A/C recharge kits come in all shapes and sizes and some are much better than others. Some also say that A/C recharge kits aren’t as good as seeing a professional. While both solutions have their place, an affordable, do-it-yourself fix, an A/C recharge kit is a great option with a much lower cost than a hefty mechanic bill if you only need a little touch up on your air conditioner. In this article we will describe the basics of why you should use an A/C recharge kit and how Mr. Freeze can be the best kit on the market for your needs.

Why Use a DIY A/C Recharge Kit?

Many people on the internet claim that A/C recharge kits are not the best solution for fixing your A/C. These sources claim that a mechanic is the best and only solution for fixing your car’s failing air conditioner. While many problems do need to be resolved by a mechanic (and we will address the benefits of a DIY solution versus a professional mechanic later on), sometimes a simple A/C recharge is all that you need to get your A/C blowing cold again. This can be a much more cost effective solution than paying tons of money for a professional mechanic each time your A/C isn’t as cold as you would like.

An A/C recharge kit is an at home, DIY solution that helps you adjust the levels of refrigerant in your car’s air conditioning system to get your A/C blowing colder air again. Many of these kits, such as the Mr. Freeze kit, also include a sealant that helps minimize and prevent tiny leaks so that your system doesn’t lose refrigerant over time due to very minor leaks in your lines. This at home solution allows you to solve minor problems before they become a major problem and gives you a much more cost effective way to repair your A/C without a huge bill or losing accessibility to your vehicle. If you have major leaks in your system that are causing you to lose refrigerant over time, then you will eventually need to see a mechanic to replace your lines and completely drain and replace your refrigerant. However, in the meantime, if you don’t have major problems, but your A/C isn’t as cold as you would like, a quick fix with an at home A/C recharge kit may be just the thing. 

If you do decide to use an at home solution, an A/C recharge kit is also a much better option than the traditional method of using manifold pressure gauges, a vacuum pump and a scale to measure the refrigerant going in. This method is complicated and can be intimidating for anyone who doesn’t know their way around a car very well and still wants to get their A/C fixed quickly. This method can also be difficult to measure accurately how much refrigerant you are actually putting into the system. For these reasons, while this method works for many,  if you are inexperienced with cars, or just need a quick boost, then consider an A/C recharge kit instead.

What’s Included in Your Mister Freeze DIY Kit?

For those who are unfamiliar with A/C recharge kits, what’s included and how they work, here is a little synopsis of what is included in your Mr. Freeze kit.  

Inside each Mr. Freeze A/C recharge kit you will find several very useful products and features. First and most importantly, each kit comes with a can of refrigerant, typically R-134. R-134 is the most common refrigerant used in cars today. If your car is older than 1995, it may still use the R-12 refrigerant and you may need to work with a mechanic to update it to R-134. However, for almost all cars today, the newer refrigerant should work great. 

Next, in the kit we have an AccuFill® technology trigger and sensor. This is the most innovative feature of the Mister Freeze A/C recharge kit and is what makes us stand out from the rest. Our Accufill sensor allows this kit to sense the exact temperature of your air conditioner at the same time you are refilling the system, to determine exactly how much refrigerant is needed to have your system blow at the optimal temperature. This technology allows you to be significantly more accurate in your fill and the temperature of your A/C than other DIY recharge kits and especially more than the traditional pressure gauge method. The trigger comes with a small sensor that attaches to the center vent to your car and then pairs with the trigger that is attached to the top of the can, allowing you to sense the exact temperature of the air coming from the A/C while you are filling the system. This allows you to have the best read on exactly how much refill you need to get your system to the optimum air temperature. 

Lastly, each system comes with a hose and nozzle that attaches to the low pressure port found on the A/C system of your car. This allows you to easily attach the system to your air conditioning lines without any tools or hassle. The kit comes with instructions for how to find the low pressure port and attach the hose as well as how to refill the system for optimal performance. 

About Mr. Freeze

Mr. Freeze is the most convenient and innovative solution for an A/C recharge kit on the market. Our kit allows you to accurately measure the temperature coming from your vent, which is what truly matters most when recharging your air conditioner.  Mr. Freeze is easy to use and requires no tools. It even comes with step by step instructions to guide anyone through the process of recharging an air conditioner. With our innovative technology and affordable prices you can get your air conditioner running like new. Learn more on our website or try out Mr Freeze today!