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DIY vs Going to a professional Mechanic

Now for the big question, why should you use an A/C recharge kit instead of just seeing a professional mechanic? Here are a couple of reasons, and depending on your car’s problem you will have to decide what is best for you. 

Seeing a professional for air conditioning problems is very wise, especially if your air conditioning problems are tied to much more than just low refrigerant. For example, if your failing A/C is due to a problem with your compressor, condenser or any electrical components, then obviously a simple recharge won’t fix the problem. Also if you have major leaks in your system, then draining your refrigerant and repairing your lines is the best solution. In all these cases, visiting a mechanic is the best choice for the long term health of your car. You may need to invest more cash, and you will be left without your vehicle for a while. But in the long run, you will get a completely repaired or replaced system and a better running air conditioner. 

However, if none of these major problems exist, or if you aren’t sure yet that you have a problem, then an immediate visit to the mechanic may not be the best thing for you or your pocket book. This is like visiting a doctor every time you get a cough or sniffle. If you do so, you may wind up paying a lot in doctor bills for issues that you could have resolved with some little at home medicine. The same is true for your car’s air conditioner, and if you just need a little boost, or need to see if you have a larger problem, using an inexpensive, at home A/C recharge kit is an easy first step to get your A/C cold again. This method will also help you determine for sure if you have a larger problem you need to address later on. For these reasons, we recommend using an at home recharge kit as your first step to determining your issue with your air conditioner and returning it to comfortable cold air again. Then you can determine if you have a further issue, or if you are good to go with a great working A/C. 


As described above, one of the things that truly sets apart the Mr. Freeze recharge kit from any other kit on the market is the ability to immediately measure the temperature of your A/C at the same time you are refilling the system. Mr. Freeze uses patented AccuFill technology which allows the system to sense the temperature that is coming out of your air conditioner at the exact moment you are refilling it. This helps you know exactly how much to recharge your system to get the exact temperature you would like. The digital display is easy to read and convenient to use and this makes our solution simple for anyone to use and recharge their A/C in minutes and get back to a cool, comfortable car. 

About Mr. Freeze

Mr. Freeze is the most convenient and innovative solution for an A/C recharge kit on the market. Our kit allows you to accurately measure the temperature coming from your vent, which is what truly matters most when recharging your air conditioner.  Mr. Freeze is easy to use and requires no tools. It even comes with step by step instructions to guide anyone through the process of recharging an air conditioner. With our innovative technology and affordable prices you can get your air conditioner running like new. Learn more on our website or try out Mr Freeze today!