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How to recharge your car A/C in 5 Steps

Installing Mister Freeze A/C in your vehicle’s A/C is an easy 5 step process that should only take 10-20 minutes to complete. Watch the video or follow the steps below to see how to recharge your car A/C.

Step 1 - Get Prepared

Put on all safety equipment then remove red tabs and the sensor from the adapter.

Mister Freeze step 1 put on safety equipment
Mister Freeze step 1 remove red battery tab & red adaptor
Instructions Open Sensor

Step 2 - Attach and Power on System

Remove the battery tab and clip the sensor on the center-most vent in your car then turn on your digital display at or near your low side service fitting by the engine compartment.

Note: Connection time may vary, please allow up to 45 seconds for the connection.

Mister Freeze step 2 remove red battery tab
Mister Freeze step 2 clip sensor to a/c vent
Mister Freeze step 2 attach to can
Mister Freeze step 2 turn on the thermostat

Step 3 - Prep car and attach sensor

Get prepared to fill your system by opening the hood and locate the low pressure port. This is the only port that the coupler will fit on. Remove the dust cap and lift the shield on the coupler and press onto the port until you hear a click. Turn on your engine, put the handbrake on, and turn your vehicle A/C and fan to max.

Mister Freeze step 3 open the hood
Mister Freeze step 3 remove the dust cap
Mister Freeze Step 3 attach to the low pressure port
Mister Freeze step 3 turn on your engine

Step 4 - Fill System

Fill your system in 10 second bursts while rotating can every 3-5 seconds. Give your system a little time and check the temperature gauge against the ambient temperature outside before adding another burst to your system.
Mister Freeze step 4 pull trigger
Mister Freeze step 4 rotate can
Mister Freeze step 4 check the temperature
Instructions Temp Chart@4x 100

Step 5 - Detach system and store

Remove quick coupler from the low pressure port and replace the dust filter. Turn off sensor and thermostat, and dispose of properly.

Note: AccuFill® Trigger is meant as a one time use product. Long term storage may result in battery discharge.

Instructions Detach coupler
Mister Freeze step 5 turn off equipment and dispose