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Mister Freeze In The Media

See what people are saying about Mister Freeze A/C Recharge Kit and how it has helped bring cold air back to vehicles in minutes.

Mister Freeze A/C

“R-1234yf, you may have heard of it. If you haven’t, you will. Per new EPA regulations in accordance with the EPA Clean Air Act, R-134a will be replaced with R-1234YF refrigerant for all new cars manufactured after 2021. This is to include all new cars and light trucks built for domestic sale in the United States.”

Mister Freeze A/C

“Traditional DIY kits utilize pressure gauges, measuring the pressure of the “low pressure port” of your vehicle to determine when the correct amount of refrigerant is added. This method worked on older cars because the orifice between the low pressure and high pressure was a fixed diameter. “

Mister Freeze A/C

“With the age of cars getting older, the demand and need for maintenance increases. One such increase is the automobile’s air conditioning system. As cars age, so do their parts. While much of your air conditioning system is made of metal, including the high-pressure lines, rubber is still a key component. “

The Quiet Grove

“There is almost nothing worse than your air conditioner going out on you while on a long Summer road trip with kids in the car… Mister Freeze A/C is my go-to for recharging my Air Conditioner. It is easy to use and will have your vehicle A/C working in minutes.”