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Mister Freeze A/C Customer Reviews

See what our customers are saying about Mister Freeze A/C Recharge Kit.


Works well and easy to use

What nobody tells you is that you need to push up the ring around the connector with the AC valve up, stick it on, and let it back down. This is how it seals.

Took me about 4 10-sec applications, but the temperature went down as expected. Haven’t driven the car with the AC on yet. Should that not work out I’ll update the review.

Very happy so far.



Great way to recharge my AC

Worked great on my 2013 ford escape. Took about 10 minutes and was super easy to install.

Matthew B.


Seals A/C leaks.

Works as advertised.

E Samuel


Just what I/my car needed with the current heatwave!!!!

This recharge kit was just what I needed. It was easy to use with the included instructions and worked wonders on my 2009 Jeep Wrangler. Took about 10 minutes start to finish — I watched my AC vent temperature drop as I added refrigerant. Instead of using pressure gauges like other products, I really like how this displays temperature, so I’m certain my AC is blowing cold. This is a product that I would recommend to anyone that is looking to recharge their ac with precision, accuracy and instant feedback (through the temperature display). It worked flawlessly.

Kyle S.


FANTASTIC! Now my A/C blows cold

This awesome product saved me. My car was blowing hot air. I followed the instructions, and setup the temperature sensor. Filled it from 98 degrees for about 25 minutes until it went down to 61 degrees. Now my A/C is blowing cold. Keep in mind this is a stop gap temporarily to add more coolant, but you should still have your A/C maintained on occasion so they can flush the system.



Easy, fast, awesome.

I was hesitant to purchase this product as i know nothing, i mean nothing about ac systems. My car is 18 years old with ac system that’s never been serviced. Opened package, found blue tooth sensor conveniently located inside cap, followed instructions. In seconds, literally seconds ac went from 79f to 58f at vent on a 100 + f day. I can’t believe how effective product is for a fraction of the cost of professional job. Whether or not my system holds charge remains to be seen but if not It will not be products fault. So easy, worked better than expected. Buy It, you’ll be god you did

Dana W.


Easy to use

I like the remote temp gauge. It made it easier to use than some of the other kits.



Excellent product I’d recommend it to anyone

Super easy and was a 5 minute fix



My AC is cold again

What an easy and simple way to get my car AC blowing cold air again. I used this for my 2014 Fusion and it only took about 8-10 minutes. Great product.

Chris C.


I'm freezing in my car now.

This thing did exactly as it says, and worked perfectly as intended. Batteries were not dead. Was so easy for me, a mom that does not do car repair, to do. I’m so cold in my car now!

Marisel Z.


Easy to use

Worked fine. The temperature gauge was little off, I had a thermometer next to it but no big deal. I’m a week in and still blowing cold air, fingers crossed.



The service is good

The service is good in my car



After 2 weeks still no complaints. Ac blowing cool.

Easy to use.



Continually mix and trigger on 10sec intervals.

Works as designed, but be sure to read the enclosed instructions. You should be careful using this near The a/c belts with The engine running. I had to connect The port with The engine off, then start The engine to apply. The remote’s temp sensor gives you the feedback you need to see it’s working. Remember to pause squeezing the trigger in 10sec intervals and to rock the can to mix the freon and allow the temp to update. It took about 3 intervals before the temp started going down.

Transient N



I used this to for the AC to be cold in the car otherwise it was blowing hot air. Directions are easy to follow and easy to use.



Keep pulling the trigger

My Acura MDX 2006 was blowing hot air for… months. Mr Freeze made the AC work beautifully. Instructions were somewhat unclear, as I thought I had to pull the trigger and keep it pressed to dispense the freon. So my first try was unsuccessful. Then inspiration hit me and a few hours later, I tried again – this time I would pull the trigger repeatedly and that of course pumped the freon into the low-pressure valve of the AC system. I’d probably see if I can buy a bigger can next time if it’s available because the freon ran out before I could take the temperature down by 4 more degrees Fahrenheit. Nevertheless, it did the job for $55 rather than the hundreds I would spend at the mechanic.

Vikram C.


Easy to use and worked instantly

I am not a car guy but figured I could do this one on my own. It is a little bit daunting to get under the hood while the car running, but is easy if you follow instructions. I highly recommend watching the youtube video before you begin. Good buy and saved $$ and time over taking the car in.

Adam F.



Safe and easy to use

Frank Z.


Great product and even better service

I bought this after doing some extensive research and ruling several other things out on an issue I was having with my cars AC. The product is very self explanatory and easy to use. The wireless sensor made it very easy and convenient to monitor the AC temp of the car. I actually used this throughout the process, even to monitor temperatures while I drove the car and while it sat idle.
I did initially run into an issue the can itself getting damaged during delivery and contacted support. They were quick to respond and very knowledgeable and helpful in resolving the issue.
I would highly recommend this product and would definitely buy it again.



Performs as advertised

A/C blew warm air out so I gave this product a try, never using anything like it. Very easy to use, just follow the instructions and stop when it gets cold using the included temperature probe. I was pleasantly surprised and would refer this to others.

Luke G.